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What is Residential Roofing?

Residential roofing is the process of installing or replacing roof for a family built home. Standard homes in residential zoned areas typically do not need a permit from the city to be worked on. We specialize in shingle roofing for the proposed home in question. We take pride in every step for you roof’s needs. Additionally we formulate and carry out a plan of action to care for your roof. While in the process we are very diligent to note each detail that will be needing attention to insure a safe housing unit. We use the best materials and buy directly from manufacturers to insure the lowest cost possible. Among everything we bargain shop at well-known home improvement stores and suppliers to purchase materials that they have not been able to sell. As an added piece of mind we back trace lot production numbers to make sure there is not a known issue or recall on the materials. Additionally you can see when you should replace your roof here.

chart of everything that is included in residential roofing

Your residential roofing material options

you have a lot of material options when it comes to your roof. Different roofing style methods can include shingle with variations of architectural and three tab variations. You can also choose from the metal roof option. Max Roofing prefers the use of shingles for a roof which eliminates the risk of premature fading and rusting. By having a shingle roof installed the chances of fading are almost non-existent. Furthermore walking on a roof with shingles is far safer than walking on a metal roof. Lastly, metal roofs do the same job as a shingle roof without adding value to your home. Finding a shingle roof repair technician will be a lot easier and cheaper.

Does Max Roofing offer price match?

Yes we price match! Some roofing companies are only in the industry to cut a check, we’re not. We have become the company we are because of honest and upfront pricing. Qualifying roof estimates made by another company qualify to be honored by us can get installed with good craftsmanship. You can leave worry aside and devote the time you saved by contracting us, to what matters most. We have officially broken the cycle conventional estimates that include high pricing, low quality, and contracts that are not honored. Our contracts are written in the same format as legal documents that are honored by us and everything written is included. Become an expert on what to look for in a roofing contractor as well as helpful tips from our blog.

what our warranties cover

our complementary warranties covers the roof we worked on from natural disasters. If in the event you have problems with your roof as a result as a result of wind or hail damage we have you covered. Our warranties have helped make us among the most highly regarded in the industry. Look through our Instagram to see more of our work.