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What is new construction Roofing?

New construction roofing is the art of shingling a roof on a newly built home. Building a new home takes a lot time, capital, and patience, here at Max Roofing we are firm believers, as well as executors, of installing your home’s new promptly and efficiently. With several companies claiming to be the best and offering a supposed “good deal” choosing a roof installation company can be tricky. We offer the opportunity for each home owner to though roughly inspect us. We understand completely that everyone works hard to make a living and want to make the right economic choices. We guide our clients to make the right choices independently. We also allow our potential clients the opportunity to view samples of our work.

New construction roofing for homeowners

One of our proudest moments, since the start of Max Roofing, is having the opportunity to work directly with home owners. Everyone has a vision and for many it’s home ownership. It can be hard to find a home in the proper location or that fits your style, which is what leads many people to building new ones. Absolute hardest part is sticking to a budget and having all of the amenities intended. We offer you the tranquility of not paying a cent more than what we appraise because we calculate and inspect though roughly. We invite you to experience our family operated roofing service. We are the most transparent company with long-lasting transparency.

new construction roofing

New construction roofing for investors and builders

Need an affordable roofing job done as a part of your project? Whether if it is one or several homes that need completion we can help. Trust us to get the project at hand done properly and efficiently as we help maintain and grow your reputation. We think of quality over quantity. Our biggest perk and advantage over our own competitors is our roofing company structure. Our envious and well organized structure allows us to accept and execute projects with absolute ease. Max Roofing helps our associated investors builders grow and expand with a highly regarded track record reputation. Imagine working alongside an affordable roofing company that cares for your reputation as much as you do.

How long does it take to install?

New construction roofing can take an approximate time of three days to appraise, gather/order material, and install. The installation itself will only take one business day for qualifying roof sizes. Although the roof only takes on average one business day to install we guarantee that throughout the life of the roof you will be worry free. We include piece of mind warranties that can assist you in the event that natural disasters try to pro-claim your roof. You can see our work here. Consult with a roofing pro to carry our your roofing need's.