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What is included in a roof inspection?

Max Roofing is comprised of a master level team that goes above and beyond for our home owners. Our roof inspectors are sure to inspect everything that makes up your roof. Additionally we make sure they're no missing components and are diligent to inspect everything that is included in a roof inspection. We are sure to cover all five points between the time we appraise your roof and finish installation. We make sure that the structure of the roof is demand-able safe for us to work on and for you to live in. Next we calculate the potential amount of decking we would need to replace. Furthermore we include the client on the available options of underlayment that creates a leak free seal under the roof. Roofing underlayment options include standard and synthetic. Lastly we allow for the client to choose their desired shingle type and color scheme. We do not charge extra for specialty colors.

How long is a roof appraisal good for?

We do not have a specified time frame for roof appraisals to expire. If we feel the need to re-inspect then we can do it at no additional charge. The roof inspection is our reference point to be able to calculate approximate material and labor cost. It is important to get a roof inspection at very minimum annually. Receiving annual inspections gives home owners a chance to correct minimal repairs before they become the entire reason of needing a new roof. If you take action upon a situation while it is minimal then you can prevent the spread of damage.

What if my insurance company already inspected my roof?

If you have ever experienced damage to your home while maintaining home insurance then you are in luck. The majority of home insurance policies cover damages to roofs but the insurance company would like to do a post inspection. Insurance companies send claims agents to asses preexisting damage and current condition of the roof. Most claims agents are not claims experts on delivering accurate appraisal funds, so for added assurance most home owners ask for a local roofing company to be present. Having a representative from both a roofing company and insurance company allows for added piece of mind. Each person from each company should work together to look out for their client’s best interest.

roof inspector checking for signs of damage to a roof

Potential Issues found in a roof inspection

Potential issues can include structural errors, workmanship, and decking. We are very diligent to verify that problems are addressed appropriately and carried out correctly. We can also help prevent out door animals and critters from entering well known points of your home. We have special tools that can cover and protect small entry points from either into your attic or into your pipes. We offer no obligation inspections and focus on the needs of our clients at Max Roofing. Also be sure to check out our latest tweets for seasonal deals to make sure you have everything checked off on what is included in a roof inspection!